Why Freelio is Great for Your Business

Freelio connects businesses with custom teams of freelancers to meet their strategic goals, creating a fluid partnership that can offer value in any season or need.

The Right Team for Every Season of Business

Do you need a large team for a big product launch? Or do you need a small team for a slow season of business? Whatever your need, we create a team that makes sense for your current needs, strategy, and budget. 

Work is Always Grounded in Strategy and Outcomes

Our custom teams are built around a strategy to meet your goals. This ensures every member of the team understands why they are doing the work they are doing and how it ties into the overall outcome.



We've been working as graphic designers, illustrators, copy writers and print brokers for decades and have established relationships with vendors to meet any need.  We collectively provide superior products alongside quick turnarounds. Need some help?  We'll design it, print it and have it delivered to your door.


Only Pay for the Personnel Who Add Value to your Project

We create custom teams for each of your projects. We only add people to your team when there is clear value of their services and only for the season their services are needed. This is what helps us keep our rates lower than traditional agencies. 

Fresh Ideas and Perspective

In order to stay competitive and relevant, freelance workers have to stay on the cutting edge of their trade. Your business will benefit from the collective knowledge of the team you work with. 

Up-to-Date Processes

We use a transparent technology to manage your projects and our teams. You can see the status and work on any of your projects at any given time.

We Value Partnership

We don't want to simply 'do work' for you. Our goal is to be a trusted partner who is able to provide affordable solutions for any need you may have throughout the lifetime of your business. 

How It Works

  • 1 We get in touch. (Hi! Use the form below to send us a message.)
  • 2 We meet to understand your strategy and goals.
  • 3 We offer a partner agreement to clients who are a good fit. This lays the foundation for all of the work we'll do together in the future.
  • 4 We create a team, timeline, and cost estimate specific to your project's needs.
  • 5 You monitor the work and engage the team using online software and review meetings.
  • 6 Your work is delivered upon your final approval.

Let's Connect

Thanks for taking a minute to tell you about yourself. This will help us best know how we can partner together.