Why Freelio is Great for Freelancers

You may have found work with other companies online…but we are different.

To say it bluntly: we do whatever we can to put you, and your success, ahead of our own. We’ve read your reviews on social media groups and know there needs to be a better option. We believe if you love working with us, you’ll continue to share your talent with our network and attract more clients. So if you’re happy….we’re happy.

We Create Work for You

Imagine getting to do your best work without having to spend the time and resources finding new clients! We find clients and projects which best suit your strengths and save you the stress of wondering where the next job will come from. 

We Give Away Profit

We believe the profit of projects should be shared with the people who bring clients tangible value. Our freelancers get paid for the work they deliver as well as profit sharing on the entire job. 

We Trust Your Expertise

We've been freelancers and know the work that goes into staying on top of your craft. We value your insight, expertise, and voice in the projects you work on. 


We Take Care of the Business Stuff

"I love doing contracts and tracking down invoices!"...Said no freelancer ever! That's why we handle all of the contracts, payments, and legal between Freelio clients and freelancers. 

Get Rewarded for Bringing In Work

Freelio gives freelancers a chance to offer all of our services to clients in their existing network and earn generous commission on the work our network provides. 

We Don't Keep Secrets

We believe every person working on a job should understand the value of the other freelancers skills and contribution. Therefore, every person on a freelance team will see the time spent on a project and what the other freelancers earn. 

How It Works

  • 1 Sign up and become qualified to join the freelionetwork
  • 2 You'll be notified when jobs meet your expertise.
  • 3 Help create the bid for your portion of the projects.
  • 4 You do the work for the client alongside other on the team.
  • 5 Share in the profit when the work is done.

Two Ways We Can Work Together

Let us know which option is best for you in the comment section below.

Option #1

I'm a Freelancer who is looking to be a part of a team where I can contribute my skillset to larger projects. I want to get access to new opportunities and projects I could have never found on my own. I want to focus more time on my work and areas of expertise and less time doing my own contracts and business development.

I want to join teams of other freelancers where I can contribute my best work and share in the profit of larger projects. 

Option #2

I'm a Freelancer who has a large portfolio and I'm doing really well on my own, but I hate doing contracts, billing and dealing with insurance. I know my contracts leave me open to liability and don't do enough to negotiate good terms for my long-term success.

I want help with my contracts and back office solution so I can just focus on my creative work. 

Let's Connect

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We're currently in BETA testing and accepting applications for future work. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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